“To Doug, Darla & Dustin ~ Thanks for a great hunting trip. Now I know why Wayne has come back for years. It was one of my best hunting experiences ever. Can’t wait to come back”. – Happy and Safe Holidays ~ Bob

Doug & Dustin, Darla & Amanda ~ Thank you once again for an extremely enjoyable trip. We came here not necessarily expecting to kill big dear, although we know it is possible, but expecting to have the experience of a lifetime, and for the fourth year we weren’t let down. Your hospitality is unmatched and brings us back year after year. We are thankful for the food, accommodations and great hunting. Again thank you for all your hard work and we were lucky enough to take home two nice deer and have great hunting all around! This year was another great five days and it is a result of your hard work and mission to create a great “experience” at Nebraska Outfitter” – Andy & Wayne Besch

“The hunting experience at Nebraska Outfitter was a good find. The accommodations and the warm hospitality by Doug and Darla made the hunt even more enjoyable. Great land lots of bucks.” – Jon Allen (Nikon Inc.)

“I’ve wanted to hunt whitetail in Nebraska for many years. My hunt with Nebraska Outfitter was fantastic and turned ambition into reality. Doug & Dustin do the research and they know their property and their deer! The planning is well executed, the attention to detail is accommodating and the overall experience is memorable – I look forward to my return with great anticipation.” – Lee Hetherington (Bowhunting World Magazine)

“Doug and Darla: wanted to take a moment and thank you for showing Richard and I a great time. I really enjoy hunting new country. Thanks for taking us in and making us feel at home and welcome. Looking forward to coming back next year. PS: find me a book deer and tie him to a tree before I come!!” – Mike Snapp

“I can highly reccomend this outfitter to my friends! GREAT HUNTING!!!” – Lou Haubner

“We went a few years ago for deer and had a marvelous time. Tim went back for turkey last spring and tagged out the first day. These are great people and the deer are plentiful there. They have just about any terrain you could possible want to hunt. Tim likes hunting in the “thick stuff” so they put him just where he wanted to be. I liked hunting with wide views over a field in a blind, so they put me there. Darla and Amanda are great cooks and there is plenty of food.” – Tim & Elizabeth Dilts

“I can’t thank you guys enough for the effort that was put forth during my late December muzzleloader hunt with Nebraska Outfitter. The accommodations were great and the food was excellent. The hunt exceeded every expectation. I was truly amazed by the number and quality of the bucks that we saw during the week that I was there. The buck sightings during my hunt speak volumes about your operation, the ground you hunt and your wildlife management efforts. Before I left for the hunt a lot of guys in Ohio asked me why I was going all the way to Nebraska to deer hunt. This is a fair question given the trophies that Ohio produces each year. The reason is pretty simple. The odds of killing a Boone and Crockett Whitetail are higher hunting your properties. You guys have the best ground in your area and enough of it to ensure that every hunter has an equal chance at a trophy whitetail. This is true regardless of when the hunt occurs. You clearly manage hunting pressure very well. During my hunt it seemed like opening day. All deer were moving naturally with no signs of pressure. This is the way an outfitted hunt should be. We saw several bucks in the 130’s and 140’s, three in the 150’s and one in the 160’s. Not too shabby for a hunt that took place the last week of the season. I got back to Ohio and showed the picture below to my buddies. Each of them had the same response, “Wow that is a nice buck”, followed by “I didn’t know that they had Big Bucks in Nebraska”. Their jaws dropped when I told them that I actually shot the wrong buck and that I was after one that was well into the 170’s. I truly believe that Nebraska Outfitter is the best kept secret in trophy buck hunting and would recommend your operation to anyone looking for a legitimate chance at a Boone and Crockett Whitetail. See You Both Next Year,” – Kevin Klett

“Got home last night from a cold Nebraska hunt. Saw an average of 100 deer per day but the big boys were laying low. Camera didn’t work most of the time but I got a few pic’s to share. From the rubs I saw while sitting in a stand, Nebraska has some very large bucks. In Nebraska this year there has been several book deer taken. Two deer taken were in the 200 inch class, 1 a typical and one a non typical. This is a sleeper state for sure for Big Bucks. We saw many bucks each day but nothing that was in the 150 class. Mike Snapp and I hunted for 5 days, Mike took a 125 inch buck with his Muzzleloader at a documented range of 250 yards. Looking forward to a return trip. This hunt was purchased at Lou Haubner’s NWTF fundraiser, Doug and Darla from Nebraska Outfitter have put their time in. Mike and I were talking about the numbers of stands, There has to be at least 100 on all the different farms/ranches that Doug has. There is no lack of hunting property or stands, for sure!” – Richard Yates “My two cents worth, Three of us went to Nebraska Outfitter the first three days of spring turkey last season, We were impressed, 5 birds in 2.5 days. Rebooked for 2011 spring turkey. I am booked to go do a late season Muzzleloader this year and I’m expecting to have a great trip as last year the farmers were unable to harvest any of the crops till after gun season was over (to much rain) Another year for antler growth and one more year to age, River bottoms, open crop land, food plots, thick bottoms, every type of terrain you would want and Deer everywhere. I think it’s going to be a banner year. Doug and Darla are great host as is all their staff. The location of the hunt is west and a little north of Lincoln Nebraska, (Fullerton, Neb). We fly into Omaha and drive to camp maybe a 2 hour “easy” drive, Omaha vs. Lincoln, they have a Cabela’s in Omaha. This hunt was purchased at one of Lou Haubner’s NWTF fundraiser, I’ve bought several and have never been dissatisfied, I purchased a hunt at last year fundraiser, went to Illinois and got to hunt with Realtree’s Bill Jordan for a week. Talk about a hunting story.” – Richard Yates